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Despite being a model, he has a good amount of GIF’s. I think they’re pretty versatile for a number of characters.

FC Name: Luke Worrall

Known for: Modeling

Age: 23

Could pass for: 16 - 23

Could Play: Best Friend, Innocent Kid-Next-Door, Two-faced, Coward, A number of personality deficiencies such as (Aspergers, OCD, Eating Disorders…etc).

Roles I played him in before:

  • An anti-social boy, diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and is remarkably obsessed with paper planes. He wouldn’t stop building them until he saw fit, sometimes spending days over them.
  • An immature savage Lost Boy, in a Peter Pan based RP. Easily manipulated into things and is infatuated with just about everything. Very protective of his ‘manliness’ and believes that he’s better than girls. Secretly, he was just all talk.
  • In an Alice in Wonderland based RP; He was the white rabbit. He was suffering from a sever case of OCD and his world was based upon mathematical equations and numbers. He was fairly anti-social and timid around everything.

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